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New Flight Academy Scheduled to Take Off Under South Alberta Academy

May 15, 2019

Medicine Hat, AB – A new academy program will be added to the South Alberta Academy lineup, starting this fall. The Dave Rozdeba South Alberta Flight Academy is a three-year flight academy program open to Eagle Butte High School students starting in grade 10. Over the course of three years, students will earn credits in mechanics, robotics, wilderness, tourism, leadership, and recreation while obtaining their private pilot’s license.

The program is powered by Super T Aviation, a company with a long-standing reputation for flight training and instruction in the Medicine Hat area. Earlier this spring Super T announced a partnership with the Medicine Hat College to offer an Aviation Management Program that allows students to get their commercial pilot’s license locally.

“This is a unique and groundbreaking opportunity,” says Assistant Superintendent Reagan Weeks. “We know there is high demand for pilots worldwide. The new flight academy program will give our students a huge head start towards pursuing aviation as a long-term career choice.”

The program is named after long-time Eagle Butte teacher and flight enthusiast Dave Rozdeba, who passed away in the fall of 2017 to cancer. Rozdeba was instrumental in organizing the annual Family Fun and Flight Show at the Medicine Hat Airport. The DR South Alberta Flight Academy logo honours his commitment to flight history and his family’s connection to Canada’s first RCAF aerobatic flying team, the Golden Hawks.

“Passion is everything,” says South Alberta Academy Program Director Willie Desjardins. “Dave had an enormous passion for sport, teaching and flight. I am so proud to have the opportunity to name the new flight academy after him. Dave represents how passion can lead to a successful and meaningful career, built on respect.”

The new flight academy program is the second for the South Alberta Academy family. The _Willie Desjardins South Alberta Hockey Academy_was announced last summer.

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