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Pilots in Demand

With an increase in passenger air travel around the globe, the size of the commercial aviation industry is set to double over the next twenty years. With this growth comes significant implications for the professional pilot industry.

Boeing and Airbus highlight in their pilot market outlooks that over 500,000 pilots will need to be trained globally and Canada alone will face a shortage of over 6,000 pilots.

Our analysis indicates that this demand will drive an exponential increase and need for trained pilots and flight training specifically in Alberta and Canada.

Now is the perfect time to become a pilot. We have the expertise to prepare students for careers in these emerging aviation markets around the world by providing pilots with the skills and knowledge to excel in their careers.

Our pilots are trained as a crew from day one, ensuring communication and teamwork are integrated into the curriculum.

We will take you all the way, from the classroom to the cockpit.

Pilot Outlook: 2018 – 2037 (Boeing)

Airline Pilot Demand Outlook: 10 Year View (CAE)

Expected Shortage of 6,000 Pilots in Canada (ATAC)

A shortage of pilots is making travel chaos in Canada even worse