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Meet our Team

Terri Super

Owner | Operations Manager | Chief Flight Instructor

Terri has been a pilot since 1979 and holds an Airline Transport Pilot License with approximately 13,000 hours in medevac, charter and scheduled flying. She has a Class II Instructor Rating, is a Transport Canada approved Pilot Examiner, Authorized Person and Authorized Exam Invigilator.

Terri holds, or has held, managerial positions as Chief Flight Instructor, Chief Pilot and Operations Manager for Bar XH and Super T Aviation. She holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree. Terri is married to Les Little and together they enjoy their 5 children and 12 grandchildren.

Les Little


Yes, Les is still flying and still loving it. After over 50 years of involvement with aviation, he still finds time to give tail-dragger checkouts and teach groundschool for the C210 and Baron.

With over 20,000 hours and a wealth of experience running aviation companies, Super T is extremely happy to have Les help us out.

Chao Yuan (Shawn)

Charter Pilot | Flight Instructor

Shawn was born in the Nan Chang city, Jiang Xi province, SE region of China. He is an outgoing person, loves listening to music, singing, and playing basketball. He graduated from the Si Chuan University with a communication engineering degree and diploma. He worked for Air China as a cabin attendant for 1 year in Boeing 737-300/700/800, 777-200/300ER and 747-8. Yuan enjoyed his role as a flight attendant but after time decided he wanted more.

In 2016 Yuan joined the Calgary Flying Club International Program to acquire his PPL. After completing his PPL at CFC he moved to North Bay to start his CPL. Finally, Yuan moved to Medicine Hat to complete his Instructor rating and is now one of our full time instructors at Super T Aviation. Yuan strives for excellence in both his training and English proficiency. He hopes to become an airline pilot and be able to travel around the world.

Sterling Cripps

Charter Pilot | Flight Instructor

Sterling started his aviation career in 1981 as private pilot. His career then expanded into the Military as a Naval Diving Officer where he specialized in deep sea diving ops at home and overseas. After his military career, Sterling transitioned into drone technology where he established Canada’s first national civil and commercial ground training school for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) pilots. As the president and founder of Canadian Unmanned Inc., he still conducts on-site ground schools and is also contracted by Airbus GMBL for high-speed drone target campaigns. During this time, he worked closely with Transport Canada to develop the rules and regulations which are now implemented in the Canadian Air Regulations (CARs).

Over the years, Sterling maintained his Group 1 Instrument Rating and Commercial Licence and completed his Instructor Rating in March 2019. With over 850 hours of experience, including on CT-114 Tutor Jet and Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter, Sterling is a welcomed asset to Super T Aviation and enjoys sharing his passion for the aviation industry with his colleagues and students.

Tyson Phillips

Charter Pilot | Flight Instructor

With over 900 hours, Tyson is a First Officer on our King Air B200 as well as a multi-engine and instrument rating Class III Flight Instructor. Tyson started with Super T Aviation in 2019 after completing his training in Victoria, BC and Calgary, Alberta.

With a background in business and government and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree, Tyson has previously held numerous leadership roles in several private, not-for-profit, government and political organizations.

When not flying, Tyson is in the mountains hiking with his dog, kayaking, playing softball and volleyball, or helping out on his family farm in northeastern Alberta.

William Shivas

Charter Pilot | Flight Instructor

A native of London, Ontario, William discovered a passion for aviation during high school. After completing a Liberal Arts degree, he began his flight training in Ottawa, Ontario in June, 2017. In April of 2019, he transferred to Super T Aviation to complete a multi and multi IFR ratings. Completing an instructor rating in December 2019, William joined Super T as a full time instructor in January of the following year. When not on duty, William can be found playing hockey, hiking with friends, or flying for fun.

Bowen Lee McDonald

Charter Pilot | Instructor

Bowen learned to fly at Super T Aviation and when he had completed his instructor rating came back to Super T to instruct. After several years with Super T he moved onto full time charter flying with then Integra Air and finally to scheduled flying with West Jet Encore where he was a Captain on the Q400. Medicine Hat and his growing hobby farm drew him back and Super T was happy to have him back helping with the flight school and charter flying on the King Air 200.

Bowen’s varied flying experience is a great asset to Super T and he is a welcome addition to our pilot roster.

Maclean Little

Flight Instructor

Aviation has always been a large part of my life. Even before I began my flight training, I was at the airport working at a young age. My grandparents and father convinced me to start my private pilot license at 14 years old and by age 15, I had completed my first solo. After finishing high school, I moved to Nova Scotia to attend Acadia University where I studied French. In December of 2017 I moved back to Medicine Hat where I completed my Commercial License in 2018 followed by my Flight Instructor Rating.

Mitchel Hattebuhr


Mitch was born and raised in Bonneville, Alberta. After working for 6 years in the oil industry in Cold Lake and starting his own oil service company, Mitch began his aviation training. In 2016, he began his flight training at Lakeland Flight Services. Once he completed his private pilot license, he moved to Calgary to complete his commercial pilot license and instructor rating. Mitch then taught at SATC (Springbank Air Training College) for 1 year before moving to Medicine Hat to teach at Super T Aviation. Mitch is currently a full time flight instructor here at Super T Aviation.