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Training and Rentals

Discovery Flights

Note: No additional pasengers allowed

Cessna 172 Hourly: $ 275.00
1⁄2 Hour (Min): $ 135.00

ALSIM Flight Training Device

NOTE: Price includes SIM Operator/Instructor

SINGLE/MULTI/MIFR Hourly Rate: $ 180.00
Multi-Crew (BE20) Hourly Rate: $ 200.00

Aircraft Rates (Training and Rental)

1. All aircraft rates are wet lease (fuel included). Any fuel purchased away from base reimbursed at Super T cost.
2. Decathlon, Baron, and King Air are not available for solo rental.

Cessna 172 Hourly Rate: $ 190.00
Cessna 210L Hourly Rate: $ 250.00
Baron BE55 Hourly Rate: $ 375.00
Super Decathlon (with Instructor) Hourly Rate: $ 260.00
King Air B200 (with Instructor) Hourly Rate: $ 2000.00

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