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WestJet Affiliation

WestJet Encore’s Flightpath Pilot Program

As a WestJet pathways flight school, Super T Aviation Academy is able to offer unique industry opportunities and connections that nearly all other flight schools cannot. This includes exclusive tours, introductions, seminars, and operation and training expertise at the WestJet Campus in Calgary, Alberta.

Qualified graduates of Super T Aviation’s Integrated Program will have the opportunity to interview for WestJet Encore’s Q400. This means that those students who have successfully graduated, acquired their commercial license, MIFR, and SAMRA/SARON written exams will automatically qualify for an interview for First Officer on a Q400 and that their training records will be shared with the company to allow mutual understanding of their learning ability.

Instructors at Super T Aviation can also interview with WestJet Encore with a minimum of one year of acceptable employment service.

In addition, WestJet provides Super T Aviation Academy with certain company resources such as operation and training expertise, training materials, standards, and crew resource management training.

With such a close connection to one of the world’s largest growing airlines, students at Super T Aviation Academy begin their training with endless opportunity, influence, and potential.

Complete your flight training

Complete your flight training under the standards of an international airline with the potential to step right into your first piloting job.

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