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Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License

ATPL Introduction

The Super T Aviation Integrated Airline Transportation License Program was developed by a retired Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 Captain, and is approved by Transport Canada. It focuses on stick and rudder skills, upset recovery training, glass cockpit and multi-crew training, with a complete Turbine Transition course and a type rating on the King Air B200.


It will also allow you the privilege of writing the Airline Transport Pilot exams by the end of the course. The program will give you a commercial pilot license with a multi-engine instrument rating and a frozen ATPL. You will write the written ATPL exam and once you get 1500 hours of flying, your license will convert automatically to a full-fledged ATP license.

To hold this licence a person must have reached 18 years of age, and hold a Category 1 Medical certificate. Also Required to have a High School Diploma or equivalent, working knowledge of English (may be required to complete assessment) and pass a selection process designed to assess student motivation, ability to finance the course and aptitude.


Super T Aviation is currently working on agreements with Airlines for guaranteed interviews to commercial scheduled operations. When these agreements have been finalized, we will provide links through our pilot provisioning pool. Airline interviews are guaranteed to students who meet program benchmarks.

Commercial operators will then interview candidates and we will specialize the training of our graduate to their commercial operator specific SOP. Those commercial operators will get access to a comprehensive pilot graduate profile package that simplifies their interview/decision making.

Candidates are carefully selected in a process that includes the basic COMPASS battery of tests. Candidates are constantly monitored during their training and need to meet very specific benchmarks between the airline and Super T Aviation.


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