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Aviation Management Certificate

Super T Aviation is proud to collaborate with Medicine Hat College, a renowned academic institution located only a few kilometers away, to provide students with the opportunity to acquire an Aviation Management Certificate. Students have the opportunity to take the college program while taking ground school and flight training at the same time.


A graduate of MHC’s Aviation Management Certificate who also completes flight training through Super T Aviation can expect to find employment as a flight instructor, medevac pilot, charter pilot, or commuter pilot for smaller airlines. After gaining industry experience and fulfilling the required flight time, graduates will be able to apply to work as a pilot for the major airlines. This program would also be an asset for obtaining employment with Nav Canada (the corporation that owns and operates Canada’s civil air navigation service).

For more information or to apply, please visit the following websites:

The Aviation Management Certificate includes 10 courses over three terms (Fall/Winter/Spring) including: Communications in the Workplace, Advanced Aeronautics, Technical Math, Management Theory, and Advanced Meteorology.

With career opportunities in the aviation industry vast and growing in demand, future pilots can utilize this post-secondary program to help accelerate their aviation career.