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Commercial Pilot License

Instructor Rating

Transform your passion for flying into a career in teaching with Super T Aviation’s Instructor Rating program. This course is designed for pilots who aspire to guide the next generation of aviators. By joining our team in Medicine Hat, Alberta, you’ll develop the skills to instruct with confidence, imparting your knowledge and experience in a rewarding and impactful way. Embrace the opportunity to shape future pilots and enjoy a fulfilling career sharing the wonders of flight.

Course Summary

To pursue the Instructor Rating at Super T Aviation, candidates must hold a Commercial Pilot License. Training is conducted on the reliable Cessna 172, requiring a minimum of 25 hours of ground school—though 45-50 hours is more typical for comprehensive understanding.

Flight training mandates at least 30 hours, with most students completing 35-40 hours to ensure proficiency and confidence in instructing future pilots. This blend of theoretical and practical experience prepares candidates to expertly guide new aviators.

The Instructor Rating will be completed flying a single engine, non-high performance aircraft during daylight hours in VFR conditions.

Ground School & Flight Training

  • Aircraft: Cessna 172, ALSIM Flight Training Device
  • Books and Study Materials: $ 250.00
  • Minimum Preparatory Ground Instruction Cost (Individual instruction 45 hours at $90.00) = $ 4,050.00
  • 3 Hours on ALSIM Flight Training Device
    @ $180.00/hour = $ 540.00
  • 38.0 Hours Dual Instruction on C172 @
    $300.00/hour = $ 11,400.00
  • 2 Hours Supervised Solo @ 210.00/hour $ 420.00
  • Estimated Flight Cost $16,410.00


Approximate Course Total: $16,660.00

Additional Costs

  • Flight test, Transport Canada fee. Approx. $800.00.
  • Model Aircraft: – $25.00

We believe in high quality training and transparency. We quote a realistic estimate for the cost of training, rather than just the minimum hours stated by Transport Canada. Actual cost will vary depending on student ability and study skills.


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