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Commercial Pilot License

King Air Type Rating (BE20)

Elevate your aviation capabilities with the King Air Type Rating (BE20) course at Super T Aviation. This specialized program is designed to equip pilots with the knowledge and skills required to operate the sophisticated King Air BE20 aircraft confidently. Through a comprehensive blend of ground school instruction and flight training, participants will master the complexities of this versatile twin-turboprop, preparing them for a range of flying opportunities in the commercial and corporate aviation sectors.

Course Summary

A type rating on a King Air BE20 is a notable asset for newly trained pilots seeking their first job in the aviation industry. This course is designed to train pilots to work with other crew members and build the team skills necessary for safe operation of a complex turboprop aircraft.

Developing Crew Resource Management (CRM) skills along the way, this training demands extreme attention and focus in both ground school and in each phase of flight, including normal, abnormal and emergency conditions.

Ground School & Flight Training

  • Aircraft: BE20, ALX Flight Training Device
  • Ground School: 45 HOURS –BE20 Ground School CRM & Garmin Training$1500.00
  • Books and Study Material $300.00
  • 8 hours dual instruction on BE20 @ $2100.00 / hour ($16,800.00)
  • 22 hours on ALSIM ALX Flight Training Device ($5280.00)
  • 2 Hours Garmin 650, 600 Training in BE20 @ $2100.00 / hour ($4200.00)


Approximate Course Total: $28080.80

Additional Costs

  • Individual Ground Instruction (as required) $135.00 / hour
  • Transport Canada Licensing Fees $30.00

We believe in high quality training and transparency. We quote a realistic estimate for the cost of training, rather than just the minimum hours stated by Transport Canada. Actual cost will vary depending on student ability and study skills.


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