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Private Pilot License

Multi IFR Rating

Master the skies in any weather with Super T Aviation’s Multi-IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) Rating program. Designed for pilots who wish to elevate their flying capabilities, this course provides the advanced training needed to navigate aircraft safely under instrument flight conditions. Based in Medicine Hat, Alberta, our program emphasizes precision, decision-making, and in-depth understanding of IFR operations, preparing you for a versatile flying career with the ability to fly in a broader range of weather conditions and times.

Course Summary

The Multi Engine Instrument Rating allows a pilot to operate a multi engine aircraft under
Instrument Flight Rules.

To hold this rating a person must have reached 17 years of age, obtain a Category 3 medical certificate.

This Training Cost is based on the following assumptions:

  • Student has completed the Private Pilot License
  • Student has completed the Multi-Engine Rating
  • Student has a minimum of 50 hours of PIC cross-country time


Ground School & Flight Training

  • Aircraft: Beechcraft Baron, ALSIM Flight Training Device
  • Ground School: 90 HOURS $500.00
  • Books and Study Material: $300.00
  • 15 hours dual instruction on BE55 @ $607.00 / hour ($9105.00)
  • 15 hours on ALSIM ALX Flight Training Device ($3000.00)


Approximate Course Total: $12905.00

Additional Costs

  • Individual Ground Instruction (as requried) $135.00 / hour
  • Flight Test, Transport Canada Licensing Fees and Examination
    approximate fees $1242.50

We believe in high quality training and transparency. We quote a realistic estimate for the cost of training, rather than just the minimum hours stated by Transport Canada. Actual cost will vary depending on student ability and study skills.


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